Glowburn-035-A Live One

Join the judges for a rambling discussion of all things game-able. Discussions of MCC, Dune, and a bunch of listener questions are wrapped in a truly chaotic episode! Originally recorded live in front of a studio audience and on YouTube.

Special guest Stephen Newton joins the judges in the bunker to discuss his latest MCC adventure for Goodman Games. Explore the inspiration of and the ideas within the mysterious Omnivery of Eden.

Join the judges as they dis*&^%$#^ TRANSMISSION ERROR Secure radiotropic coordinates XF65 x WZ98 and resend. TRANSMISSION ERROR Disregard all non-verified broadcasts.

Join the Judges as they have a new year's discussion about Glowburn's new mandate: science fantasy. Learn how we define the genre and how we think it will interact with DCC & MCC and Glowburn's future!

Come down into the shelter as the Judges welcome guest James Pozenel to discuss his book Enchiridion of the Computarchs. Listen in as they discuss how cyber-wizards and programmer-shamen use the technology of the digital world to edit the real.

Judge Marc & Judge James emerge from their secret underground bunker to relaunch the Glowburn podcast after a real-world apocalypse inducing shelter in place. But mutations are in the air, as the show begins to metamorphosize into a new and improved strain tackling not only MCC but Empire of the East, Dying Earth, and science fantasy DCC.

Reid san Filippo joins the Judges from deep in the bunker to discuss the weird world of Umerica, his current projects, and how to use Umerica and MCC together ... and then things get weird as the Judges subject two humble creatures to the mutagenic effects of Reid's latest project. Join us to find out the horrific results!

Terra AD's jolliest holiday is here at last! Join the judges for the Feast of the Mutagenesis and exchange radioactive gifts with the mutants in your life.

The shelter has a guest today as the judges speak with MCC author and creator Jim Wampler to discuss his latest Kickstarter campaign "Fight This Mutant."

Judge's James and Marc dive to the bottom of the post post-apocalyptic post box and come up with a load of listener mail. Join the judges for an hour dedicated to the Voices of the Ancient Ones!

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