Join the judges as they explore what high-level play in MCC feels like, and what advice they have for playing and judging at higher levels of play.

The bunker hosts a new guest Judge, Tristan Mohs, as the team discusses the recently announced Radiation Crawl Classics.

DCC has had them. Lankhmar had one. Even Xcrawl got one. Now it's MCC's turn. Join the judges as they pitch an idea for a wild MCC team tournament! Will the Dark Master be pleased? Listen and decide for yourself!

What makes for a good module for the home game or the convention game? The Judges ask that very question from the safety of the bunker, and along the way dredge up the terrible evil of agreement and sometimes disagreement. Also, they answer some mail.

Judges James and Marc discuss the most terrible of tasks: making pregens. Specifically what makes for good pregens for one-offs and convention games.

The Judges hunker down to avoid a fresh sonic barrage from the dread Empire of Fax! In the meantime, they decode some new voices of the ancients and get up to their usual tomfoolery.

Glowburn-035-A Live One

Join the judges for a rambling discussion of all things game-able. Discussions of MCC, Dune, and a bunch of listener questions are wrapped in a truly chaotic episode! Originally recorded live in front of a studio audience and on YouTube.

Special guest Stephen Newton joins the judges in the bunker to discuss his latest MCC adventure for Goodman Games. Explore the inspiration of and the ideas within the mysterious Omnivery of Eden.

Join the judges as they dis*&^%$#^ TRANSMISSION ERROR Secure radiotropic coordinates XF65 x WZ98 and resend. TRANSMISSION ERROR Disregard all non-verified broadcasts.

Join the Judges as they have a new year's discussion about Glowburn's new mandate: science fantasy. Learn how we define the genre and how we think it will interact with DCC & MCC and Glowburn's future!

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