It's that most terrible time of year, the period after GenCon! Join Judges James and Marc, as well as an undefined number of con-crud viruses for a highlight, filled discussion about GenCon 2019!

After the mysterious events of the lost episode, the judges are once more joined by guest Judge Reid San Filippo. Listen along as they try to decipher the mystery of hex-based maps and how to crawl through them.

A powerful artifact has allowed the Judges access to a strange alternate dimension where the world is falling to dark forces of magic and corruption. Our guide through this weird western realm is David Baity as we discuss his forthcoming Dark Trails RPG ...

At long last, the Judge's discuss the Appendix N novel Hiero's Journey with hilariously mixed results! We look at another round of devilish mutagenii... mutagenisises... anyways, and a Glowburn host makes a big announcement.

My god, it's full of ... Star Crawl! Join us and special guest Jonathan Snodgrass to discuss his MCC compatible Star Crawl and Vehicle Mayhem books.

The judges find another survivor of the Great Disaster in the wastelands and bring him into the shelter to talk about the available MCC modules. As spoiler free as possible we discuss our experiences with the first wave of Goodman Games and 3rd party adventures with our guest Mr Michael Bolam.

Join the judges as they delve to the very bottom of the mountain of Betamax, laserdisc, facsimile, and other Voices of the Ancient Ones for an entire episode focused on reading and answering your questions and correspondence!

Join the Judges for a discussion on how they use the music, books, comics, and movies from Appendix M (and beyond) as inspiration to write, prep for, and even run Mutant Crawl Classics and Umerica.

Sharpen your claws and spread your branches as the Judges dive deep into the final two Classes and review the Manimals and Plantients of Terra AD.

Glowburn mutates into its ultimate form! Join all three Judges, Forrest, James, and Marc, for a review of the Mutant class and the mutations mechanic. Find out what we think of the weirdest character class this side of DCC!

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