Judge James and Judge Forrest muse and meander on the mutant madness of their thoughts and first impressions on the initial PDF release of the Mutant Crawl Classics core rulebook. Wander the wastelands with us as we scout out the first official rules release!

Who is that cloaked man on the horizon with smoke rings ascending from his bizarre artifact-pipe? What seer of Terra A.D., what great observer and cataloger of its mysteries, has entered our midst? This man might change our perception of the Post-Great Disaster world forever! Welcome, Judge Jim Wampler! 

Who is our mysterious visitor to Glowburn HQ? Why is he here? What will we talk about? Mysteries. So many mysteries. Join us as we investigate the post-apocalypse. Wait. Did you hear that? What was that moving behind the control panel? Let's check it out. I mean, you go check it out. I'll wait here and watch the monitors and let you know if anything comes your way. I promise.

Judge James is exposed to the wonder of Wizards, while Judge Forrest is schooled in the ways of Dark Sun as Glowburn HQ echoes with the sound of post-apocalyptic fantasy and fantastical post-apocalypses ... apocalypti ... apocalypsees ... Also, a recounting of Garycon and more mutagenesis ... mutagenesises ... mutagenesi ... Opening and closing theme song is Juno by Chronox.

Judge Forrest and Judge James speak AT LENGTH with Judge Brendan LaSalle about MCC, X-crawl, running, writing, and playing games. Blade Runner weaponry and the Hofstader Cube feature in Mutagenesis, while Judge Brendan creates some cool stuff on the fly. Hear the man in action! Then run, run as fast as you can, running man!


Like purple Zeeth grass blooming after a nuclear winter, Glowburn is back! This time, our Great Disaster centers on our robot masters . . . er, robot servants! There are changes in the HQ bunker, discussions of topics as varied as robot PC campaigns and Van Hagar, and of course, voices of the Ancient Ones (for real!). Mutagenesis highlights include a non-lethal, but very annoying robot for suppressing mutant uprisings and pointers on reskins for the character classes you already know and love. Opening and closing theme song is Juno by Chronox.

Please fasten your seatbelts at this time and stow any and all artifacts or adventuring equipment underneath your seat or in the overhead compartments: In this episode, we are taking off with the Starship Warden to explore Metamorphosis Alpha. Judge Forrest recounts Gameholecon and we hear an actual voice of the Ancient Ones! Judge Bill and Judge Forrest then unleash an unintentionally horrific pair of artifacts on Terra A.D. Opening and closing theme song is Juno by Chronox.

In this episode of Glowburn, Judge Bill and Judge Forrest discuss Archaic/Cryptic Alliances and its comparison to alignments.  We list some interesting Alliances and discuss how to use these in one-shot and campaign games.  Judge Bill serves up some Roll20 tips and Judge Forrest shares more of his MCC-DCC-Gamma World hybrid urban crawl campaign.  For a listener, we debate recording some live play games when MCC is released.  Finally, we list the mutant RPG fun you can have at GaryCon in the Spring.  Download and listen to this show before Bill’s Universal Recyclers take it apart or Forrest’s Void Monks lobotomize it.  Opening and closing theme song is Juno by Chronox.

In this episode, we decide to go Crawling Under a Broken Moon. Mutagenesis: Judge Bill tries to  create a beast that thrives in the Pitch Black and Judge Forrest describes a living beneficial bio-artifact. Intro/Outro Song: Chronox:Voyager:Juno 

In this pilot episode of the podcast celebrating the upcoming Mutant Crawl Classics role-playing game, we discuss the Post-Apocalyptic genre in general.  Also: Introduction of your co-hosts, listener email, and other goodies like a tube of blue concentrate and the Mold Mother. Intro/Outro Song: Chronox:Voyager:Juno 

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