Join the judges as they delve to the very bottom of the mountain of Betamax, laserdisc, facsimile, and other Voices of the Ancient Ones for an entire episode focused on reading and answering your questions and correspondence!

Join the Judges for a discussion on how they use the music, books, comics, and movies from Appendix M (and beyond) as inspiration to write, prep for, and even run Mutant Crawl Classics and Umerica.

Sharpen your claws and spread your branches as the Judges dive deep into the final two Classes and review the Manimals and Plantients of Terra AD.

Glowburn mutates into its ultimate form! Join all three Judges, Forrest, James, and Marc, for a review of the Mutant class and the mutations mechanic. Find out what we think of the weirdest character class this side of DCC!

You can't have a post-apocalypse without a little global apocalypse first. Join hosts, Judge James, and new co-co-host Judge Marc, as they brace for impending doom and discuss how the world ended to get us here in the first place.

Judge James and Judge Forrest are joined by Judge Marc Plourde. Of course, this means another extra long Mutagenesis and an extra long episode! Join us for our deep dive on the Healer and Shaman classes. Wander the wastelands with us a while!

Join Judge James and Judge Forrest as they dissect the Sentinel and Rover Pure Strain Human classes - well, not literally. It's more of an examination than a dissection. Though - trigger warning - Judge James does briefly talk about cannibalism. And "furburning," which is gross, yet fascinating. Judge Forrest dons his tinfoil helmet to try to fend off these horrifying thoughts. 

Judge Forrest and Judge James are joined by two very, very special guests in this, Glowburn's 12th episode. We explore character generation and offer twice the fun of the Mutagenesis! More rads than you can absorb in one episode and still remain un-mutated!

Judge Forrest and Judge James dig deeper under the irradiated skin of Terra A.D. to continue their exploration of the Mutant Crawl Classics Core Rulebook!

Judge James and Judge Forrest muse and meander on the mutant madness of their thoughts and first impressions on the initial PDF release of the Mutant Crawl Classics core rulebook. Wander the wastelands with us as we scout out the first official rules release!

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